Zhang Mingxuan and Son Jian's Conditions Updated

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Photo: This photo of Zhang Jian was taken secretly after the attack.

(BEIJING — October 22, 2008) For the first time since his disappearance on Oct. 16, Bike Zhang contacted his eldest son, Zhang Jian, via phone on October 22, from an undisclosed location. He was restricted from disclosing his location as well as further details of where he is being held. Bike Zhang was able to relay to his son that he was physically detained during a flight by PSB officers and has beenin detention since that time. He is expected to be transported to Nanyang City on October 24. The reason for the relocation and action of the PSB is unknown at this time. Pastor Bike’s wife and sister have also been placed under “soft detention” in a PSB operated Beijing hotel. Both of the women’s cell phones have been confiscated and were restricted from their freedom of travel by authorities.
CAA has also learned that Zhang Jian, elder son of House Church Alliance President, Bike Zhang, was strongly recommended to sign a mediation agreement with Beijing PSB authorities or face imprisonment. The initial agreement was given to Jian to settle his medical reimbursements through the PSB office. Further compounding Jian’s struggle is the fact that the Beijing officials have forced Jian to accept the PSB’s office’s medical evaluation of his injuries rather than that of an objective medical professional. China’s Government only recognizes Police Medical reports for the litigation process. Unwilling to be separated from his wife and one year old son, Jian chose to sign the agreement which stipulated he had received only minor injuries despite hospital records indicating severe injuries requiring complicated surgery.
Renowed Beijing attorney, Li Heping, committed to accompany Jian to the PSB office, but was stopped by several PSB officials at the gates of the PSB office in Chaoyang District and prevented from entering the building.
After China Aid reported about the attack against Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan’s family by the Chinese government and hired thugs, American churches and individuals expressed deep concern. One example is a letter sent from two pastors from Midcities Community Church to the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. In the letter, the two pastors, representing about 1,500 believers in their congregation, expressed concern regarding the attack and also encouraged others in the international community to speak out, stating that, “We encourage the international community to continue to voice your concern on the increasing religious persecution in China and urge China to honor the spirit of rule of law and her international obligation to respect citizens’ freedom of worship.”
Read the letter from Midcities Community Church
CAA will continue to monitor the situation.
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Issued by CAA, October 22, 2008

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