Zhejiang government document reveals strong focus on containing religion through demolition campaign

China Aid Association

(Zhejiang—May 20, 2014) China Aid recently obtained an excerpt of a secret provincial government document from China’s coastal Zhejiang, outlining the goals of the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition”campaign, which has garnered international media attention, including the “handling of illegal religious structures.”
The document, below, encourages local leaders to “dare to be lion-type” leaders in their interactions with religious groups.

“Goals and principles of our work

(1) Goals of our work: Carry out the spirit of the Party’s 18th Congress in a in-depth manner and earnestly implement the spirit of the plenary session of the Provincial Party Committee and the spirit of the provincial working conference on “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” that involves the handling of illegal religious structures. You should further enhance the standardized management of religious sites and sites for folk faiths, correct the phenomena that religion has grown too fast, there are too many religious sites, and there are too many activities, and promote the healthy, orderly, standardized, and reasonable growth of the religions in our province. Through active, steady, solid, and effective work, you should spend about a year in unfolding the rectification work and strive to achieve periodic effects within half a year and achieve breakthrough progresses and remarkable accomplishments within a year.

(2) Principles in our work: 1. Emphasize politics and approach the situation as a whole. Cadres in charge of ethnic and religious affairs at various levels should see clearly the political issues behind the Cross. You should resolutely resist the infiltration and take up the dominant position of control in the ideological realm and assume political responsibilities in the real sense of the word and dare to be lion-type cadres.”

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