Zhou Chenxiu and Meng Shulan, Suffering for The Savior

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The following story is a first hand account of Zhou Chenxiu and Meng Shulan, two Christian women who were humiliated at the hands of Public security officials, because of thier faith in Christ. This is their story:
Meng Shulan:  A female of Han Nationality born in June 1952.
Team 10, Puwen Farm, Guohong City
Zhou Chenxiu:  A female of Han Nationality born in 1956.
Chenwanshe, Tianshang Village, Juntunchuan, Moan County, Chulong Prefecture.
On February 2, 2008, we distributed Gospel flyers in the county town of Moding.  At about 1 p.m., before we could distribute just a few Gospel flyers, several policemen brought us to the office of Fanghe Township Police Station of Moding County.  They yelled at us with a loud voice and said: “Is it that you don’t want to celebrate the new year?  We can lock you up.  Where did you get the paper for the flyers?” We said: “We didn’t do anything.  We are Christians and we are believers in Jesus.”  They yelled at us: “You were disrupting the society, endangering the public security and you were violating the law.  Don’t you know that it is illegal?”  We said: “We were only preaching the Gospel and we didn’t do anything else.”  They yelled at us: “Handcuff them and then parade them in the street, so that we can humiliate them.  Then, we’ll lock them up for a few days.”
Then, they took me ( Zhou Jicai) to another room where they pounded at the desk and said: “Where did you get these Gospel flyers?” I replied: “I don’t know.” At this time, they took out handcuffs and put them on the desk and said to me in a loud voice: “Put her in handcuffs and drag her away.  First of all, we’ll lock her up for a few days.” I said: “I really don’t know as I can’t read or write.” The person who interrogated me asked Zhou Rong: “Have you searched their bodies?” The policeman said “No.”  Then, he asked the policeman to take me to a place where they frisked me.  The two policewomen took me to another room and closed the door.  They pulled down the curtains.  They asked me to take off my clothes.  Under their coercion, I began to undress.  They also asked me to take off the clothes one by one until I took off all of them.  I did so as they ordered me.  They searched my clothes and found some cash of a little over 10 yuan.  Beside this, they didn’t find anything else.  Then, they asked me to put on the clothes.  I did so as they ordered.  After I put on the clothes, they forced me to take off my pants and trousers.  So I took off all the pants, including the underwear.  I did so as they ordered.  It was a great miserable experience.  I didn’t violate any laws and I don’t know why they treated me like this.  I feel this is a violation of my dignity as a human being and this is also an insult.   They even made me take off my shoes, but they didn’t get anything.  Then they asked me to put on the pants and the shoes and I did as they ordered.  They returned the 10 yuan of cash to me.  After that, they took me to an office where they told me to wait.
Meng Shulan: “They asked me: “What are you doing here?” I said: “I was not doing anything.  I believe in Jesus.”  They shouted at me: “Where is Jesus?”  I said: “Jesus is in Heaven and He is also in my heart.”  They yelled at me:” Where is your Jesus?  Take him to me so that I can take a look at him.”   I said: “God created all the things in the world, but man has committed sin and offended God.  Therefore, man can be saved only by believing in Jesus.”  They yelled at me: “If they committed crimes, they would have long been locked up.” I said: “Man is sinful and knows how to steal things, use cusswords, hate people, and how to tell lies.  All these are sins.”  They asked me where I come from.  I said:” I’m from Juntunjiang.”  Then, they checked the computer and could find it the information in the computer.   They came to ask me.  I said: “My household residence registration is at Team 10, Puyuna Farm of Jinghong City.  As my mother was sick, I came back to Sanjiang Kou to take care of my mother.  My mother died several months ago.”
They checked the computer and learned I am a retired worker.  Then they said to me: “Is it that you don’t want to take your retirement wages?  We are going to call your work unit and notify them.”  Then they asked me: “Who gave you these Gospel flyers?  You must confess in an honest way.  Otherwise, we will lock you up for a few days.”  I told them: “Brother Lan gave them to me.  He is from out of the province, but I really don’t know his first name.”  They said to me.” It is illegal for you to distribute the Gospel flyers in the street.”  After this, two policewomen took me to another room.  They closed the door and told me to take off all the pants and trousers and wanted me to undress them one by one. Finally, they told me to take off the underwear.  I flatly refused and they came over and touched my underwear.  They didn’t find anything, but they forced me to take off all the clothes.  I did so as they ordered. And they didn’t allow me to put them on for a while.  In my clothes, they found the key to my brother’s house.  I felt very miserable.  I’m already an old person and they even treated me like this.  I have not violated any law and they treated me like this, which is a violation and insult on my dignity as a human being.  Later, they found 100 yuan of cash and my wage card.  With these in their hands, they told me to put on the clothes and pants.  After that, they took me to another office where they said to me: “It is okay for you to believe in Jesus, but you are allowed to do so only in your heart and you are not allowed to preach the Gospel or gather.  If you gather together in the future, we will arrest you and imprison you.”  They said to me that they would go to my brother’s residence for a search.  They returned my cash and wage card.  At about 4:30 p.m., they took me into a vehicle and hauled me to the residence of my brother.  I opened the door and they went in.  We didn’t see their search warrant, nor did we see that they asked for my brother’s approval.  They simply began to search by opening the cabinets, looking both on the bed and under the bed.  They went upstairs and searched simply everywhere.  What they took a4way were one copy of small print of the Bible, a copy of reference Bible, one copy of anthology of hymns that contains 1,050 songs, three copies of hymns in red cover, about eight copies of Sunday service flyers, a painted cross in which there are these words: “God loves the world,”  12 disks and 2,500 copies of the Gospel flyers.  They ripped off all the telephone records and took away the 2,500 copies of the gospel flyers that were not yet distributed in the streets.  They confiscated all these things without giving us a list of confiscated objects.  It was about 5:30 in the afternoon when they left my brother’s residence.

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