Gospel Herald: Wife of Chinese Christian Man Imprisoned for Faith Praying for Release, Strength to Withstand Persecution

The Gospel Herald
By Leah Marieann Klett

Aug 09, 2016 10:06 am EDT

■ The wife of a Christian man imprisoned for his faith in China has revealed she is trusting God for her husband’s release and praying he will have the strength to withstand the persecution perpetuated by the Communist government.

Fan Lili, the wife of Gou Hongguo, a Christian and retired military official, recently penned a letter to husband, who is being held in Tianjin after being arrested and charged with “subverting state power”.

Chinese Christians pray during a worship service Reuters

In the letter, she revealed that she was made aware of her husband’s charge through Weibo, a popular Chinese social media website similar to Twitter. Gou was among dozens of Christian rights activists and lawyers detained last June and accused of conspiring to overthrow the Chinese Communist party.

“July 10, 2015 is a day I will never forget,” she wrote. “On that day, Ge Ping [Guo’s online pseudonym] wanted those who searched our house to leave behind a bank card for those of us at home who are old, weak and sick. Yet, they didn’t leave any bank card behind. From his looks, I could tell he was very sad, and I gave him a 100 Yuan bill [U.S. $15], the only money I had in my pocket. When he was taken into the police vehicle, he, with much difficulty, took out the 100 Yuan bill with his handcuffed hand and returned it to me. In this way, we shoved the 100 Yuan bill to each other several times and at last, he still managed to give the money to me. I tried not to let him see the tears in my eyes. What we pushed around to each other is not money, but love.”

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