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Dong Yaoqiong, China’s “Ink Girl,” silenced for more than two years for defacing a propaganda poster of Xi Jinping, appears in a video appealing for freedom

Dong Yaoqiong, known as “Ink girl” for defacing a poster of Xi Jinping with ink.  (Photo: ChinaAid) In a live video on Twitter in front of Shanghai Haihang tower posted on July 2018, to express her discontent towards the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Dong Yaoqiong (internet handle: “feefeefly”) splashed ink on a propaganda poster of

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China Human Rights Lawyers Group statement

ChinaAid Li Heping (center) pictured here with friends shortly after his release from prison.  (Photo: ChinaAid) (Midland, Texas—July 9, 2018) The China Human Rights Lawyers Group released a statement today, on the third anniversary of a crackdown that led to the imprisonment of attorneys across China. Also known as the “709 crackdown,” the nationwide persecution

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