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Geng Zejun sentenced to over a year

Geng Zejun’s verdict (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Shizuishan, Ningxia province – August 22, 2022) According to Church of the Rock, Huinong District Court sentenced Geng Zejun to 1 year and 3 months for “organizing illegal gatherings.” Geng Zejun and his congregation belong to the reformed faith and have refused to accept the management of the Chinese


Geng Zejun’s trial rescheduled three times due to “COVID”

Preacher Geng Zejun (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Shizuishan, Ningxia Province – June 28, 2022) Hunong District Court rescheduled preacher Geng Zejun’s trial to July 13, the third delay of his hearing.  Hao Ying was notified by her husband’s lawyer late last week and posted a prayer request on social media.   This was the third time the


Ningxia pastor’s first trial planned for June

Preacher Geng Zejun’s notice of arrest (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Yinchuan, Ningxia province—June 8, 2022) Mrs. Hao Ying, wife of preacher Geng Zejun, published on social media that a trial will be held against her imprisoned husband at the end of June. Panshi church is a house church in Huinong District, Shizuishan. The church was raided during


Panshi church raided and preacher arrested

Preacher Geng Zejun’s notice of arrest(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Ningxia Province, China—February 22, 2022) On February 19, Mrs. Hao Ying published a prayer request letter and asked fellow Christians to pray for Panshi church, her imprisoned husband Geng Zejun, and other 5 Christians released on bail including herself.     Panshi church is a house church


Ningxia prepares to adopt Xinjiang’s persecution

A woman who has beenaffected by Xinjiang’sabusive treatment ofMuslim ethnic minorities.(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ningxia, China—Dec. 3, 2018) Officials from China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region signed an “anti-terrorism agreement” with government personnel in the nation’s northwestern Xinjiang, according to state mouthpiece the Global Times, triggering fears that Xinjiang’s rampant abuse of innocent Muslims might soon spread

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Government orders mosque demolitions

China’s government oftendemolishes unregisteredreligious buildings, suchas the church above.(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ningxia—Aug. 10, 2018) Government officials from China’s north-central Ningxia notified Muslims within the region’s Tongxin County of a time-sensitive demolition. Leaders of local mosques have been given an ultimatum: destroy all unregistered mosques or have them forcibly torn down by the government. This order

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Ningxia plots to destroy mosques

A picture of the documentordering the destructionof “Arab-style” and“Saudi-style” mosques.(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ningxia, China—Feb. 20, 2018) Mosques in a county of China’s north-central Ningxia face arbitrary demolition after local authorities issued a document calling for the demolition of all “Arab-style” and “Saudi-style” buildings, echoing practices in China’s politically restive Xinjiang region. The Implementation Plan for

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Church raided, ordered to relocate by Friday

Officials register Christian IDs in thisundated photo. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ningxia, China—Jan. 18, 2018) More than 20 government agents from various agencies in China’s autonomous Ningxia region banned an unregistered church on Sunday, alleging it “engaged in illegal religious activities in non-religious places.” Officials from a patchwork of local bureaus and departments interrupted a church

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Christian Today: China’s Muslims under threat of religious persecution

Christian Today By Carey Lodge 21 July 2016 ■ China’s president Xi Jinping, who has been accused of implementing draconian laws against religion since taking office in 2012, today spoke directly to Chinese Muslims – signifying a possible crackdown on a group that has so far avoided his harsh measures. While visiting a mosque in the

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21 House Church Leaders in Inner Mongolia, Ningixa Criminally Detained

China Aid Association (Wuhai, Inner Mongolia—Aug. 22, 2011) Fifteen house church leaders from two remote regions of China have been in detention since mid-July as local police have tried to extort money from their families with promises of their release once the money has been paid and threats of labor camp sentences or criminal prosecution

Inner Mongolia

A House Church Missionary Dies While Ministering in Qinghai Earthquake Zone

China Aid Association (Yushu, Qinghai – Aug. 6, 2011) A house church missionary who died Tuesday while working in an area of western China’s Qinghai province that was struck by a massive earthquake last year is being remembered for the transformation in his life after he dedicated himself to serving God by volunteering to do

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