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Religious Freedom Abuse


Bishop detained over two years for challenging CCP ordinations

(Xuanhua, Hebei province—May 17, 2023) Bishop Simone Zhang Jianlin has been detained for more than two years for challenging illegitimate ordinations. His family hopes Chinese authorities will release him on humanitarian grounds to care for his 90-year-old elderly mother. Detained multiple times According to AsiaNews, Simone Zhang Jianlin, vicar of the diocese of Xuanhua in

Wang Shunping and his father, Elder La
Religious Freedom Abuse

Five Nu Christians released on bail

Photo: Wang Shunping, a Nu Christian, with his father (ChinaAid source) (Nujiang, Yunnan province, China—May 15, 2023) On May 7, five Nu Christians were released on bail. They were arrested on charges of “organizing and funding illegal gatherings.” After everyone was released, they returned home safely and reunited with their families.   Lawyers involved  Several


Abundance Evangelical Church: Christians fined for attending Zoom meeting

Photo: The on-site administrative penalty for Abundance Evangelical Church (ChinaAid source) (Foshan, Guangdong Province, China—May 12, 2023) 30+ Christians of Abundance Evangelical Church attended a Zoom Sunday Service, hosted by one of the female congregants. Dozens of police and personnel barged into her home and disparaged her for the “unlawful gathering.” Every Christian in the

The attorney representing Chang Hao and Enlin, Chang Hao’s wife
Religious Freedom Abuse

Rural pastor Chang Hao unable to meet with his lawyer

Photo: Chang Hao’s lawyer and wife show up at the public security bureau office (ChinaAid source) (Zhaotong, Yunnan Province—May 10, 2023) The detention center in Zhenxiong County denied a lawyer visit for rural preacher Chang Hao. According to officials, the pastor’s case is “unique” and upper-level leaders won’t allow the meeting.     Denied visitation On

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Guangzhou Bible Reformed Church raided by police

Photo: Guangzhou Bible Reformed Church raided during Sunday service (ChinaAid source) (Guangzhou, Guangdong Province – May 7, 2023) Yesterday morning, authorities raided five locations of Guangzhou Bible Reformed Church simultaneously. Church elders, preachers, and co-workers were taken away. Police attempted to detain Pastor Huang Xiaoning, but he rejected their illegal action. Coordinated raid Police officers

Elder Wu Jiannan's parents
Religious Freedom Abuse

Qingcaodi Church: Elder Wu Jiannan’s father calls for son’s release

Photo: Elder Wu Jiannan’s parents (ChinaAid source) (Deyang, Sichuan province – May 5, 2023) Wu Tingmin, the father of imprisoned Elder Wu Jiannan of Qingcaodi Church, called for his son’s release. Qingcaodi Church Crackdown Elders Wu Jiannan and Hao Ming were arrested together on November 17, 2021. Police also took many church co-workers. The next

Pastor Yang Xibo of Xunsiding Church, his wife and their attorneys in front of the court

Xunsiding Church pastor and his wife forced to pay $25,000

Photo: Xunsiding Church Pastor Yang Xibo with his wife before the second trial (ChinaAid source)   (Xiamen, Fujian province—May 5, 2023) An administrative lawsuit determined that the Pastor of Xunsiding Church Yang Xibo and his wife Wang Xiaofei should pay over $25,000 in fines. The Court fined them for “organizing illegal gatherings” with other house


Maizi Christian Music Highschool: Prison tries to prevent lawyer visit

(Harbin, Heilongjiang province— May 3, 2023) The Harbin City Detention Center staff attempted to prevent Christian lawyer Fang Xiangui’s visit with his client, Xu Feng. The client is a member of Harbin Maizi Church and the principal of Maizi Christian Music Highschool. Police arrested Xu in 2021 and charged him with “illegal business operations.” Poor


New round of persecution: several pastors Arrested or convicted 

Photo: Living Stone Reformed Church calls out for prayer in new round of persecution (ChinaAid source) (China—April 20, 2023) A new round of persecution begins in China as several pastors and Christians have been arrested on arbitrary charges.    Gao Goujie  Beijing Christian entrepreneur Gao Guojie was arrested on September 24, 2022 for suspected “fraud.”

Linfen Covenant House Church's two lawyers
Religious Freedom Abuse

Prison conditions revealed for Pastor Li Jie of Linfen Covenant House Church

Photo: The lawyers representing Linfen Covenant House Church (ChinaAid source) (Linfen, Shanxi province—April 18, 2023) Yesterday, Linfen Covenant House Church and its defense lawyers posted an announcement to sue local law enforcement and request to hold a public hearing on the necessity of the arrest. Li Jie’s lawyer also met with him, bringing updates from


New measures increase China’s control of religious venues

(China – April 11, 2023) The State Administration of Religious Affairs of China recently drafted “Measures of Administration on Venues for Religious Activities” and seeks public opinion. The draft document strengthens China’s control of religious venues.  Original measures This document differs from similar measures issued in 1994. The initial measures were since repealed and covered


Prominent house church leadership tried publicly; no verdict released

(Linfen, Shanxi province—April 4, 2023) Yang Rongli, the leader of Golden Lampstand Church, and 11 other Christians stood trial for their alleged “fraud” case. Her brother, Yang Kai, issued three requests for prayer. ChinaAid has not yet received the verdict. Recent trial The “fraud” case of Golden Lampstand Church was heard in public on March

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